"Fjord Lover of the Year 2009" - Sønnøve Husabø Cirotzki

FJORD QUEEN: Sønnøve Husabø Cirotzki is Fjord Lover of the Year 2009. Here at Dragsvik, where 6 months before she had swum past to conquer the Fjærlandsfjord.
Photo: Sarah Jane Hails

At their Christmas Party, Sogn Fjord Swimming Club awarded the Fjord Lover of the Year Award to Sønnøve Husabø Cirotzki.

The Fjord Lover of the Year Award is presented annually for outstanding contribution for Sognefjord Swim Festival and other fjord based activites in Sogn, focusing on cooperation, creativity, safety and environmental protection. Previous winners have been Leif Eikeland from Borlaug, Feios and Jack and Siv Eggum from Sognefjord Hotel, Leikanger.

The jury said about this year's winner: "Sønnøve has a big heart and it belongs to the fjord. Sønnøve's list of accomplishments is impressive. Not only has she swum the English Channel, she has also conquered the toughest stretches of the Sognefjord, including the Aurlandsfjord, Sogndal to Hella, and this summer the entire Fjærlandsfjord, from Hotel Mundal in Fjærland to Kvikne's Hotel in Balestrand. Again and again, Sønnøve shows that through determination, desire to do something new and good teamwork you can achieve your dreams.

Sønnøve has supported the Sognefjord Swim Festival each year since 2005, both as a competitor and as an experienced helper. She advises wisely on matters regarding the environment, safety and developing fjord activities in Sogn.

Sønnøve is also an active winter swimmer, member of Sogn Fjord Swimming Club and an outstanding ambassador for fjord swimming locally, nationally and internationally."

The other candidates nominated for the award included Leikanger Red Cross Group, Sogndal Diving Club and Feios Village Society.

"All these organisations have helped develop fjord activities through cooperation and voluntary efforts. Sogn Fjord Swimming Club is grateful that it can work together with all these organisations. Together, we can increase fjord awareness and use the fjord in a positive, social and environmentally friendly way." said Club President, Sarah Jane Hails, at the award ceremony in Balestrand.

Sønnøve was awarded a glass fjord angel by artist Cecilie Lie and lifelong membership as guest of honour in Sogn Fjord Swimming Club.

Celebrations were enjoyed with a dinner dance at Kvikne's Hotel in Balestrand.