Sogn Fjord Swimming Club trip to Buene and Fresvik

FJORD FEAST: Dee Cunningham and Hege create miracles at Fresvik

HOT! HOT! HOT!: Dee and Hege's hot tubs at Fresvik are a big hit with fjord swimmers

HAPPY FJORD PEOPLE: Sogn Fjord Swimming members know how to enjoy themselves, here by the fjord at Buene

GRILL HOUSE: An interesting piece of architecture can be found 600 m above Buene

VIEW: The majestic Sognefjord from Buene towards Leikanger

5 - 6 June 2010

At the beginning of June, members from Sogn Fjord Swimming Club enjoyed an unforgettable fjord weekend in their home area. Visits to Buene and Fresvik are musts for all fjord enthusiasts.

On Saturday 5 June, a group of happy kayakers arrived at Buene, a deserted farmstead inaccessible by car, near the mouth of the Aurlandsfjord. Sarah Jane Hails, Guttorm Flatabø and Colin Tattersall had kayaked almost 18 kilometres from Leikanger to enjoy the evening with outdoor activity organisers, Hege and Dee Cunningham, from Fresvik. Club members and experienced kayakers Katja Gesch and Ralph Krüger, with their two little girls Ronja and Svenja, also met up at Buene having started their trip from Fimreite. Bernt Skogsrud from Vik crossed over the fjord from Fresvik to Buene in the company of Dee, Hege and their dog Brage.

At Buene, Dee and Hege led the group on a mountain hike to a lookout point 600 metres above sea level. The owner of the estate has cooperated with architect students from Bergen university to build a wonderful view point shelter there. After their walk, the group enjoyed a meal by the fjord and fireside. Dee and Hege's teenage son Brede crossed the fjord by boat to join the group for the evening. The weather was so fine, the weary kayakers need not set up their tents; they slept in a row on the dock in their sleeping bags, and fell asleep beneath the stars listening to the water gently washing against the shore.

The next day was a perfect sunny Sunday. A south easterly wind gave Dee, Sarah, Bernt, Colin and Guttorm a challenge of white-topped waves for their crossing from Buene to Fresvik. As they came into the idyllic bay of Fresvik, Marit Fjøsne, Reidun Strand and her husband Magne from Leikanger were waiting at Dee and Hege's dock to greet the kayakers. Øydis was also there having arrived the night before from her holidays in Greece. Once all the kayaks were safely dragged onto land, everyone enjoyed a swim in the fjord. The fjord temperature was a refreshing 16 degrees centigrade. Hege had heated up 3 hottubs on the dock, so everyone sat in them afterwards and chatted eagerly about Buene.

When everyone was warmed through from the hottubs, Dee and Hege invited everyone to the table, where they served a feast of homemade venison and lamb sausages with potatoes and fresh salad grown in their own garden. For desert, they served homemade rhubarb and cream.

Everyone agreed that the weekend had been heavenly. Sincere thanks were given to Hege and Dee for their wonderful hospitality. The gathering will sure to be on the must-do list for Sogn Fjord Swimming Club members next year.