Sogn Fjord Swimming Club swim Kvamsøy Island

The build up to Sognefjord Swim Festival is well underway. While big fjord swimmer Sønnøve Cirotzki conquered Aurlandsfjord this weekend, the "small" swimmers from Sogn Fjord Swimming Club took over an arena a little further west along the Sognefjord. Kvamsøy Island in Balestrand was on the programme, a 1.5 kilometre swim, including the circumnavigation of two islands: Little Kvams Island and Great Kvams Island.

Youngest man round was Andreas Bjerk (11) from Balestrand. Andreas has two Esefjord crossings under his belt, which he completed as part of the Sognefjord Swim Festival in 2005 and 2006. The Mini Challenge is 400 m across. On Saturday, Andreas more than trebled his personal record for long distance fjord swimming.

"Cold? Not at all," said Andreas, as he finished his swim around the church adorned island. He took an underwater somersault just to prove he had plenty of strength left. With a little swimming technique training, Andreas can soon become the future star of fjord swimming in Sogn.

Sogn Fjord Swimming Club is a social and open club. On Saturday, swimmers and kayakers from four fjord municipalities: Sogndal, Vik, Leikanger and Balestrand, plus two tourists from Wisconsin, USA, were brought together with their common love for this fjord. After a successful swim in first class fjord water, the party gathered by the shore at Kvamsøy for a sunset BBQ, relaxation and song.

The next swim on Sogn Fjord Swimming Club's programme is Fimreite Across. It will take place on Thursday 12th July, at 6 pm. All swimmers and fjord kayakers are welcome, spectators too.

For more information contact, Sogn Fjord Swimming Club: tel: 906 609 44