It's spectular, challenging and cool: It's fjord swimming!

The refreshingly unique Sognefjord Swim Festival gathers swimmers of all ages and nationality, in the most wondrous Scandinavian scenery, this festival is a must.

In 2006, the Sognefjord Swim Festival staged the first ever world fjord swimming championships. The event demonstrated that the mighty Sognefjord does not separate communities, but unites them. The championships brought together local, national and international competitors and spectators, leaving them with a lasting fascination for the most stunning swimming pool in the world: the Sognefjord.

Fjord swimming has boomed since swimming adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh swam the entire length of the Sognefjord, an impressive 204 kilometres, in the summer of 2004. He unleashed an immediate enthusiasm for fjord swimming by saying: Love your fjord: use it - swim across it!

In 2004, five intrepid swimmers, three Norwegians, a German and a British woman, swam across the fjord, from Borlaug (Vik) to Nokkaneset (Leikanger), for the first time ever. The swim was named the Sognefjord Challenge. One year later, in 2005, the Sognefjord Challenge was organised with other fjord swimming activities, as part of the first ever Sognefjord Swim Festival. More than 100 swimmers took part in 2005, the number doubled in 2006, and in 2007, the festival saw its oldest swimmer (85 years of age) and its first disabled swimmer participate in this inspiring swim party.

Since 2007, the festival has been organised every other year, attracting participants from Russia, England, Norway, Scotland, Finland, Germany, USA, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The Sognefjord Swim Festival is the new hub for fjord enthusiasts and open water swimmers from around the globe. Welcome to the world of fjord swimming!

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