Sogn Fjord Swimming Club

Sogn Fjord Swimming Club is an independent association which aims to establish, develop and promote outdoor swimming, specifically fjord swimming, kayaking and other fjord based activities in Sogn, Norway. We aim to heighten fjord awareness and strive to ensure that Norwegian fjords are utilised for outdoor activities in a positive, social and environmentally friendly way.

Sogn Fjord Swimming Club was officially founded 22. February 2007. However, the idea for the club was actually born 5. December 2004. Five hardy swimmers jumped into the Sognefjord, at Leikanger, to show that the fjord can be an outdoor sports arena all year round - come rain or come shine. Participation and interest in activities organised by Sogn Fjord Swimming Club is growing. Local members hail from Hafslo, Barsnes, Sogndal, Leikanger, Vik, and Balestrand. We also have members from as far as Oslo and Bergen, and even further again from Finland and Great Britain.

Join us and enjoy:

  • actively developing fjord activities with positive and good-spirited people,
  • exploring the hidden treasures of the Norwegian fjords,
  • organising Sognefjord Swim Festival,
  • swimming and kayak training sessions,
  • discounts on courses and events,
  • winter swimming
  • kayak and swimming holidays, both in Norway and abroad.
  • much more ...

Please register as a member of Sogn Fjord Swimming Club, by simply sending an e-mail to We will reply to you as soon as possible.