Torbjørn Dale
Faculty of Engineering and Science
Sogn og Fjordane University College

Surface currents (depth interval ca 0-0.2 m), temperature (ca 0.1 m) and salinity in the swimming track of Sognefjord Swim Challenge, 8. aug. 2009

Current measurements

Place Time Current Time Current
Ca 150 m from Borlaug ca 1150 ca 1.0 km/hr inwards    
Ca 500 m from Borlaug ca 1205 ca 1.0 km/hr inwards    
The middle of the fjord ca 1235 ca 0,8 km/hr outwards    
Ca 500 m from Nokkanes ca 1250 ca 1,5 km/hr outwards ca 1320 ca 1,5 km/hr outwards
Ca 150 m from Nokkanes ca 1305 ca 0,3 km/hr outwards ca 1330 ca 0,1-0,2 km/hr inwards (weak current, low precision)

The inward currents on the Borlaug side seems to be related to the water mass with higher salinity at the south side of the fjord (se graph).